Thus it can be used

Thus it can be used stomach ulcer, gastritises, intestines diseases with diarrheas, liver diseases and kidneys, it it is not necessary to use cookings.

Thus it can be used in the form of the canned food, frozen, and also in a dried look.

The tinned sea cabbage is ready to the use, dried previously it is necessary to clear of mechanical impurity, then to presoak on hours in cold water on , kg of cabbage of , liters of water then carefully to wash out.

Frozen cabbage thaw in cold water, then also m.

Cook cabbage so fill in with cold water, quickly lead up to boiling and hold on small fire .

After that broth merge, cabbage fill in with warm water and after boiling cook more r.

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The boiled

The boiled Then to add cut potatoes, carrots, onions, a tomato, a root of parsley and to extinguish more minutes, then to lower the chopped cabbage, to add waters and to continue to cook minutes.

The boiled vegetables to wipe through a colander, to connect to vegetable broth, let's boil, fill with sour cream.

Beet apples potatoes tomatoes cabbage water ml, carrots onions and a parsley root on butter sour cream g.

BORSCH WIPED ON THE MEAT BROTHBeet, carrots, onions to cut, put in a pan, to add butter and a little broth and to put to extinguish under a cover.

In minutes to add the chopped cabbage, cut potatoes, a tomato tomato mashed potatoes, it is a little sugar and everything to extinguish more minutes.

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In what shortcomings

In what shortcomingsEpiduralny anesthesia has a number of advantages it is easier transferred by the woman in labor; the woman remains in full consciousness; the medicinal substance used at epiduralny anesthesia, does not arrive in blood of the child and does not render oppressing influence on its condition after the birth; the woman does not feel patrimonial pain, it improves blood supply of a uterus and kidneys.

In what shortcomings of epiduralny anesthesiaThe most widespread complication falling of a blood pressure of mother it can be corrected quickly by means of drugs or pose change.

Other complications fruit oppression, increase in risk of Cesarean section.

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Grain yachnevy

Grain yachnevy To add salt, the sugar, the apple rubbed on a small grater, to finish to boilin to fill with butter.

Apples water ml, milk ml, rice sugar of butter g.

PORRIDGE THE YACHNEVY VISCOUSInto boiling water to pour the washedout grain and to cook to a zagusteniye, then to put for minutes in an oven.

When giving on a table to fill with butter.

Grain yachnevy water ml, butter g.

PORRIDGE THE YACHNEVY DAIRYGrain to wash out, pour into boiling water and to cook on slow fire of minutes.

Then to pour in hot milk, to salt and continue cooking to readiness.

Before giving on a table to fill with butter.

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Its any trifle

Its any trifle Such the nok is often angry and stirred up.

Concentrates with great difficulty, but not for a long time.

Its any trifle , and restlessness and fussiness lead to weight not the necessary actions.

Other extreme when the child with congenital nervousness all the time is closed, accumulating everything in itself.

However on whatever extreme the neuropathy at the child proceeded, you should remember that such is usually very emotional, instantly and is inclined to concern.

Therefore all yours a niya only cause in it offense.

At weather change, in a stuffy room, in quarrels, at excitement such kid usually can on a headache, on a heartache and pain in .

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